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Are you experiencing a fall in audience engagement, organic reach? If yes, go ahead to solve this issue by joining hands with Web Leads advertising services. Being one of the most trusted companies in this field we are here to help you in all the issues associated with audience demographics, customer preferences. Furthermore, go ahead to make the social media advertising strategies that provides individuals unreal results.

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Find out what is social media advertising?

In today's digital era, the conventional methods of marketing are not satisfactory enough to form highly engaging customer base. One needs to go ahead to reach out to the individuals where they are active and Tailor your specific brand associated message to some segments of audience. This is because one wants to reach out to more consumers at the low cost and produce a better ROI I.e., return on investment.

In comparison to any other marketing strategy, social media advertising is there to maximize the brands visibility. And thus, in return it provides opportunities to attract various people and then transform them into the customers.

Social Media Advertising
  • What is social media advertising?

    Social media advertising is one of the most renowned and reliable digital marketing method which allows to boost the conversion rates. When we talk about social media advertising then it is important for everyone to know what it includes. The inclusions in this are advertising on social media platforms which will involve paid social ads or sponsored content. Various platforms on which this thing is done includes Twitter , Facebook , tick tock , Instagram , LinkedIn and Pinterest.

  • Is social media advertising better than other marketing ways? is it worth investing in it?

    Through the social media advertising, one becomes eligible to direct their campaign to specific audiences by various criteria like age, interests, location online behavior and device use. In comparison to the other online ways, in this one and individual has to pay only for the impressions one receives on their social media ads or for the number of clicks. So, we can conclude that all these things make social media advertising a high ROI marketing strategy.

  • Have you set up big goals for your company?

    If yes then go ahead to use the power of social media to boost your digital marketing efforts and get in touch with the customers who are ready to convert.

Difference between advertising on social media and social media marketing?

Social media marketing is a free of cost marketing initiative. This further means that one does not have to pay to promote their brand to their followers this procedure less emphasis on creating brand recognition, developing connections and increasing engagement.

On the contrary, paid social advertising focus on social media advertisement and it lays attention to better reach and higher ROI. Adverting on the social media channel bring your brand in the eyes of individuals who are in search of what you are offering right now.

Are you willing to reach the specific audience in a hassle-free manner? Go ahead to invest on this social network advertising and make your strategies according to the behavioral pattern of your ideal customers. In this way one will be able to promote their business in the most effective way.

Social Media Advertising

Get amazing results via Paid social media-

In today's time when the number of people who use social media to connect with business is increasing so it is very obvious the competition is increasing to. When one relies on our social advertising agency, we are here to prepare the best social media ad strategy and it serves the social media advertising that attracts the attention of your specific target throughout your marketing.

Web Leads is one of the most renowned social media advertising companies Which is known for providing conversion centric add services. Our aim is to help you in gaining the complete control over your social media ad budget. Furthermore, we aim to target the audience to maximize the impact of your social media campaigns.

Go ahead to join hands with our social media advertising company and find the best social media platforms which will enable you to meet all your business needs.

What is the need of social media advertising in your business?

Each one of us is aware that the landscape of social media is evolving every single day. Furthermore, after regular intervals we notice that new social networks advertising channels are here and expectations keep on changing drastically. So, depending only on the organic social media campaign is not enough.

Through the paid social media advertising one can go ahead to monetize the social media platforms for various business purposes and go ahead to meet the conversion and retention rates. According to marketing experiment studies, it is seen that when one uses the correct targeting approach, they again go ahead to boost their conversion rate for about 300% . And the paid social media advertising is the thing on which you can rely for it.

Not just this but there are various other reasons why more and more people need to rely on paid social media campaigns. Go ahead to find other additional reasons through the points given below.

Social Media Advertising
Boost your follower growth rate

Through the paid social advertising, one is able to target the specific audience and reach the new market segments in a very fast manner. Web Leads has helped various companies in reaching a huge number of people and acquire various followers all over the different social media platforms in a very short span of time.

Social Media Advertising
Increase organic posts

Furthermore, another advantage of this is that one is able to boost their organic post. Are you working on a limited budget? Then go ahead to advertise using these social media to increase your reach in an organic manner.

Social Media Advertising
Work on your website conversion

Then one advertised through social media then they are able to double up their conversion rate. Moreover, not to forget this conversion rate doubles up and marketing cost is cut down. we joined hands with various companies and enable them to generate a huge purchase conversion value within the span of only six months.

Social Media Advertising
Get more views and clicks

In today's time, it is seen people are more invested in spending time online on various social media platforms. This is because it becomes easy for them to explore and go through their favorite brands.

Social Media Advertising
Grab the attention of qualified leads

According to your marketing intent, the social ads landing pages can be used to drive targeted leads. Through the cohesive social networking ads strategy, one gets to personalize their offer and other split campaigns according to occupation, gender and age level. This further allows to capture the qualified leads and working on your sale.

Social Media Advertising
Get actionable insights

When one chooses to advertise through the social media, they get access to market insights like clicks, comments, visits. Through this they are able to measure their social media advertising impact and effectiveness and then work on the future campaigns accordingly.

Social Media Advertising
Get a clear value proposition

How can a brand solve the issue that any specific customer faces? By relying on the laser focus social media advertising the business are able to showcase their USP’s i.e., unique selling points of their specific products or services. Furthermore, they can go ahead to take CTA’s and allow to motivate the customers to take the right step towards your desired action.

Social Media Advertising
Generation of direct sales

Whether the company is trying to introduce their new collection to their old customers or starting with this seasonal offer to target some specific consumers, all these things can be done easily and one can go ahead to earn enough profit through social advertising. The paid social media campaigns are not only low cost but they are convenient to. And thus, they influence customers to buy things and in return generate in sales.

Social Media Advertising
Work according to your budget

In addition to all the advantages of social media advertising another one is that one can go ahead two track data in the real time and set the ad budget for their campaign accordingly.

A goal centric and result oriented social media advertising company

Social media advertising can be a very difficult and daunting task. But this becomes even more daunting when one does not have the expertise and the knowledge which is required for its development, monitoring and optimization. It is important to pay attention to your paid social media campaigns. So, are you in search of renown social media advertising agency which will manage your social ads? If yes then Web Leads is here to join hands with you. Join hands with us you will understand how we made the whole social media tasks uncomplicated.



New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

In 2016, a manufacturer and national distributor of automotive performance products reached out to Web Leads to boost its audience growth and drive new product engagements. Our promotional campaigns helped the client reach engaged audience segments and garner direct messages and inquiries about its new product.



New Facebook Followers


Facebook Post Engagements

Web Leads was tapped to manage the paid social media campaign of an online shop in Southern California. With a strategic combination of organic and paid social media advertising campaigns, we helped the client gain 794 percent ROI and an increase of 84 percent in Facebook referrals to its website at only $0.15 cost per click.



Link Clicks


People Reached via Facebook Ads

Our Facebook advertising company partnered with a full-service RV dealer in Fort Worth, Texas, to help position its latest brand promotions in front of highly interested buyers. We’ve launched several social media advertisements that generated increased website traffic, link clicks and follower growth rate for the client.

On which social media platforms should your business rely for advertisement?

According to the social media statics it is seen that online users visit and open six social media platforms per month and spend around 2.5 hours using these platforms every single day. Furthermore, there are about six different social media platforms which people visit every day. With the availability of so many platforms for business, it becomes important to go ahead to choose the right channel and platform for displaying social media advertisements. Moreover, it is seen that marketers make this mistake of hopping onto the trends without getting the right guidance from the social media advertisement companies.

Because of this the amount they spend on social media and its advertisements do not provide them with the required and expected profits. When you join hands with Web Leads, we make sure to provide you and guide you about the best social media platform for your business. We are here to guide you about which social media platform will suit your business in the best way possible.

Social media platforms fulfilling different business needs-

Social Media Advertising
Facebook Advertising

Through Facebook advertising, one can go ahead to leverage various social ad formats. These formats include video ads, image ads, carousel ads and poll ads. Through these one will be able to generate the interest in their brand. Furthermore, Facebook social network ads are known to get approved within 24 hours and thus it makes it easier for the business to get sales within some days.

How our Facebook add agency can help you-

Firstly, we go ahead to start with a meeting with your team so that we know all about your Facebook ad campaign goals and aims. Once we have all the knowledge on it, we go ahead to launch the Facebook ad campaign accordingly.

Social Media Advertising
Instagram Advertising

At present about 1.07 billion users all around the world use Instagram. It is a platform that can easily attract followers and increase the brand engagement. Furthermore, through Instagram advertising the business get amazing opportunities to boost their audience growth by sponsored content and creative ad formats.

How our Instagram advertising agency can help you-

When we take up advertising on Instagram, we first use the Instagram insights to know about your content performance and profile activity. After going through these, we go ahead to launch the appropriate Instagram advertisement campaign that will strengthen your brand value.

Social Media Advertising
Twitter Advertising

Are you thinking to advertise on Twitter so that you increase your site views and make some direct conversions? One can go ahead to do so and Experiment with various Twitter ad campaign types. These types include promoted tweets, promoted trends, promoted accounts and promoted moments. Through this one is able to get strong and desired business outcomes.

How our Twitter advertising agency can help you-

Our Twitter ad campaign managers first go ahead to set up your twitter account and then identify your objectives. Such as website clicks, reach, ah prearrangement etc. Then we go ahead to finalize your ad group and bidding strategy.

Social Media Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising

For everyone who is looking to maximize social media advertising effectiveness in making lead generation then, LinkedIn advertising is recommended. LinkedIn is known for providing a degree of targeting accuracy that no other social media platforms can provide. LinkedIn advertisement includes sponsored content, sponsored in mail and dynamic ads and text ads.

How our LinkedIn advertising agency can help you-

Through our advertising agency you can go ahead to establish your industry expertise and achieve all your LinkedIn advertisement goals. Furthermore, you will get to reach your clients and then take them along the conversion funnel.

Social Media Advertising
TikTok Advertising

In a very short span of time TikTok became one of the most popular social media platforms. In today's time various social media advertising agency use this platform to drive consumer advocacy and build up the brand authenticity.

How our TikTok advertising agency can help you-

When one join hand with our tick tok advertising services, we go ahead to first analyze your present social media and advertising strategies. Then we go ahead to find out how tiktok will help you in getting the results you wish for.

Social Media Advertising
Pinterest Advertising

Some people are still confused if advertising on Pinterest work for their brand or not? Pinterest is another social media platform which is used by a huge population. Furthermore, this platform is known as one of the most cost effective and advertising channels. When an individual decides to display their social network ads, they in return get the desired results.

How our Pinterest advertising agency can help you-

Our aim is to implement the advertising strategies which work on driving more traffic and increasing the sales to your website. We go ahead to use rich pins, optimize your ad image and in return increase the conversions.

Social Media Advertising
Reddit Advertising

Reddit is one of the most effective platform which allows to provide your brand a good position and target segment of audience and influence there buying decision. In comparison to other channels advertising on Reddit is much easier than makes it easy to reach your ideal audience.

How our reddit ad agency can help you

There are certain rules associated with advertisement on Reddit and it is important to go through these rules first to avoid any ban later on. Our team go ahead to target the audience demographics and analyze their behavior. In addition to this, we also Check your minimum add spend every single day and manage the ad creation in the best and easiest manner.

What's the cost for social media advertising?

Cost plays an important role no matter what we decide to do. Talking about our cost of social media advertising, we ask and charge for much lesser amount in comparison to the other advertising methods. Firstly, it is important to know that Instagram advertising cost, twitter advertising cost, Facebook advertisement cost and other social media advertisement costs are based on different things.

Through the points given below you will get to know about these variables-

  • Location
  • Season
  • Day of the week
  • Time of the day
  • Social media advertisement quality and relevance
  • Niche market
  • Audience demographics

Are you thinking of using social media platforms for advertising? If yes then it is important to know about the cost one need to spend on it so through the information given below you will get to know about the cost associated with advertising for your business on six different social media platforms.

Cost associated with each social media platform-

Social Media Advertising
Facebook Advertising Cost

On an average the cost of Facebook advertising where is about $5 per day.

Social Media Advertising
Twitter Advertising Cost

Talking about the Twitter advertising cost then it ranged from $0.5 to $2 each day for every first action.

Social Media Advertising
Instagram Advertising Cost

The cost of advertising on this platform is slightly more than Facebook. The amount for this advertising varies from $0.62 to $2 to per click.

Social Media Advertising
LinkedIn Advertising Cost

The advertisement cost of LinkedIn starts from $10 per campaign.

Social Media Advertising
TikTok Advertising Cost

Talking about tiktok, then it's advertising amount starts from $10 per CPM i.e., cost per mile. Furthermore, this amount also varies according to the add format and its duration.

Social Media Advertising
Pinterest Advertising Cost

The average cost of Pinterest advertising varies from $2-$ five every thousand impressions.

Social Media Advertising
Reddit Advertising Cost

Reddit advertisement cost works similar to the tick tock. Every day cost of advertising on Reddit starts from $5 every day.

Why is it worth choosing Web Leads for your social media advertising?

Web Leads is one of the most trusted and leading social media marketing advertising companies. We have helped a number of industry leaders in getting their desired business outcomes by targeting the ads on social media. Get ready to join hands with us and level up your business.

Find what all you can expect when you choose our social add agency.

Social Media Advertising
Advertising which enables profits

Through our social and Facebook ad agency one is able to achieve their desired goals. Initially we start with the consultation with your team so that we get to know all about your present advertising goals and expectations. Once we Discuss all of it, we are able to formulate and plan the things accordingly keeping in mind your budget and requirements.

Social Media Advertising
Tracking and Reporting

One of the biggest challenges of social media advertising is tracking the performance and enabling to get a higher return on the money we have spent on the same. So, we work accordingly to look after all the necessary tracking and then accordingly optimize the social media accounts to provide you with the best results possible

Social Media Advertising
Transparent analysis of data

From the first and initial campaign ordered to your monthly performance we make sure to provide you with the detailed reports on it. This is because we want to make sure you know where your investment goes. Furthermore, we make sure to provide you they credential for your client portal login. This way you are able to keep the track of your performances at all times.

Social Media Advertising
Get consultation from experts

Our social media advertising team is here to provide you the right guidance and direction. All our social media managers make sure to provide you with the right advice and training that you need.

Social Media Advertising

We make sure to keep the eye on the latest social media algorithm and trends this allows us to provide you the desired profits from your business. as we keep the eye on these trends re add able to deliver the results which you expect from us. Furthermore, we can go ahead to explore and provide you with the new opportunities associated with your business and thus keep the conversions flowing.

Social Media Advertising
A dedicated team

Web Leads is full of people which not only have knowledge in their field but knows what's best for your business. We have a team full of advertising experts with deep knowledge associated with social ad campaigns run on various platforms. To make the whole process easy for you, we assign you with one of our dedicated account representatives. This is because they will make it easy for you to manage your campaign and one can go ahead to directly contact them in case, they have any queries or questions in mind.

Social Media Advertising
Video Production

Incorporate video ads on your social and Facebook advertising strategy and get incredible engagement rates! Is your team lacking the skills and resources to create appealing video ads that fit the requirements of different social media advertising platforms for business? Our social media advertising and Facebook ad management services experts are here to help. We design video ads for mobile and sound-off viewing and keep your ads no longer than 15 seconds to encourage viewers to take action within the first three seconds.

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Content Writing

Entrust your social media content writing to our social and Facebook advertising agency and let us help you cement your position as the go-to brand of customers. We conduct extensive market research, industry analysis and audience targeting strategy assessment to gain actionable insights and guide our content creation process. Our paid social media advertising experts also perform A/B testing before launching your social ads to ensure we develop well-optimized ad copies and landing page content that compel users to take immediate action.

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Reputation Management

Do your Facebook advertising strategy and social media marketing tactics involve reputation management? Stay on top of conversations about your brand and don’t let any negative content tarnish your treasured reputation. Our social and Facebook advertising agency representatives work with Rize Reviews’ reputation managers to track your social media reviews, streamline your review response publishing process and leverage positive reviews on your paid social ads.

Why Choose Web Leads for Your Social Media Advertising

Increase Your Leads, Signups and Sales

Web Leads Internet Marketing Agency is one of the leading social media marketing and Facebook advertising companies in the United States. Throughout the years, we’ve helped hundreds of industry leaders bring outstanding business results through targeted ads on social media.

Put the power of social media advertising to work for your business by teaming up with Web Leads! Here’s what you can expect when you choose our social and Facebook ads agency:

Social Media Advertising
Profitable Advertising Goals

Our social and Facebook ad agency representatives schedule an initial consultation with your team to discuss your current social advertising goals, strategies and expectations. Based on our discussion, we formulate smart, realistic advertising objectives aligned with your financial capacity and marketing requirements.

Social Media Advertising
Campaign Tracking and Reporting

The biggest challenge of advertising on social media is tracking performance and ensuring a high return on advertising spend (ROAS). We work diligently to accommodate all necessary tracking systems that can be implemented and optimize your social media accounts regularly to achieve the best possible results.

Social Media Advertising
Transparent Data Analysis

From your initial campaign audit to your monthly campaign performance, we provide you with detailed reports to ensure you know where your investment goes. We give you access to our client portal so you can gauge your social media advertising effectiveness and track your performance anytime you need.

Social Media Advertising
Expert Consultations

Do you have an in-house social media team to manage your paid social media advertising campaigns but they still need expert training? Our social media managers are here to point your social media team in the right direction. We provide consulting and training to set your team on the right track.

Social Media Advertising
Diverse Advertising Strategy

We keep track of the latest industry trends and social media algorithm updates to ensure your paid social media advertising strategy delivers profitable results. More importantly, we continuously explore new advertising opportunities for your business to keep your leads and conversions flowing.

Social Media Advertising
Dedicated Social Media Advertising Strategist

Web Leads comprises a team of social media advertising experts knowledgeable in running social ad campaigns on various platforms. We assign a dedicated account representative to manage your campaign and whom you can directly contact to address immediate questions or concerns you may have.

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