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7 Best Places To Sell Your Product Online in 2022

As we all know eCommerce industry has been multiplying over the last decade.

All kinds of businesses have dealt with the same challenges brought by the pandemic, and many companies now understand the significance of the internet to survive in the market.

According to the eMarketers data, the eCommerce will reach approx. $5.5 trillion in 2022 will be multiplied in the next few years. This will show the unlimited potential of eCommerce as a profitable platform for online brands.

Having so many online platforms and selecting one from them is difficult for online brands. They are confused about where to sell on the online platform. So, in this blog, you will get an outline of the top places where to sell your products and services and why they are the best suitable for your business. Let's start!

The list of top 7 places to sell your product are:

  1. Shopify
  2. Amazon
  3. Walmart Marketplace
  4. Target Plus
  5. WordPress
  6. eBay
  7. Etsy

First, let’s begin with Shopify.


It is a Customize base eCommerce marketplace and follows the Content Management System (CMS), ensuring that people can start and manage their business site by paying monthly subscription fees. Shopify has become the third-largest retailer worldwide, and it is widely considered one of the most powerful eCommerce selling platforms for small or large businesses.

As per Hevo’s analysis of buying trends of people shopping online, workout equipment, furniture, vegan products, and smartphones are the most selling items on Shopify.


Top-notch Designs: Shopify has built on innovative themes and tailored tools that will come with your monthly or annual subscription.

B2B Operations: Shopify is well known among B2C, but its business-to-business services are less famous. However, the Shopify plus sellers have the accessibility of its convenient features.

Easy to Use: Shopify is the most accessible platform for beginners. When starting an online store, Shopify provides everything you will need to commence your business.

If you're new to starting a business, Shopify is a great place to begin. It's an excellent B2C and B2Be commerce platform because of its cost and user-friendly features. The perfect e-commerce CMS makes it easy to develop & edit content. In addition, we recognize the significance of omnichannel strategies to meet the growing demand for online marketplaces.

Omni-channel digital marketing integrates different channels to develop a seamless customer experience. For example, to make sure customer has a beautiful shopping experience, it has created the Shop channel. It's a direct-to-consumer mobile app, a personal assistant for shopping, and makes it easy for consumers and business owners to track purchases and orders.

Get guidance from a well-known e-commerce marketing firm to get the most out of Shopify. Experts know the best products to vend on Shopify & can develop strategies to transform their online business into a well-functional omnichannel e-commerce marketplace.


It is a giant online retailer globally and counted among the most controlling cultural and economic forces worldwide. In addition, it sells books, clothes, electronics, toys, jewelry, music, movies, and everything you can think of. Despite some work-related provocation, Amazon is still the premier e-commerce platform in 2022 and a major internet-based company despite some work-related challenges.


Huge customer base: It is a $1 billion enterprise with over 197 million website visitors daily. Its vast customer base has made it a great place to merchandise online, & you can also increase your revenue by joining hands with Amazon digital marketing companies.

Client Trust: As per an investor survey of how consumers trust technology firms with their details, Amazon ranked top with a 71.5% confidence index score.

Functionality: The Amazon Seller portal has everything you may require to manage product catalogs, prices, stocks, shipping regulations, and pricing.

Choosing the perfect e-commerce marketplace in 2022 always creates a list of executable options. This convenient B2B and B2C e-commerce marketplace provide unmatched revenue potential.

However, new brands can swim away in the trader's ocean without the correct strategy. That's why it's beneficial to work with Amazon marketing firms to increase their presence online in the Marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace

Walmart Marketplace is the online selling platform that allows sellers and vendors to index their products on the Walmart official site, i.e., As a result, it provides companies with a fantastic opportunity to present their products to a large audience. The marketplace has various sellers offering various items, including electronics, fashion, and household items.


No Inventory Limits: The platform does not have a minimum or maximum stock-keeping unit (SKU), allowing you to list a full range of products. That is why Walmart is a robust omnichannel e-commerce marketplace for online businesses.

Intensifying competition: The Wal-Mart marketplace has more than 70,000 sellers and vendors. This is far from what Amazon has, so it's a great platform to sell your products if you do not want to have many competitors.

Create a return policy: Full responsibility for fulfillment and customer service gives sellers more access to their return policy.

Although relatively Wal-Mart Marketplace is new, it is still rapidly turning into the best player in e-commerce games. Thus, if you're looking for the perfect e-commerce platform for 2022, Walmart could be at the top of the list of your considerations.

Target Plus

Target Plus is among the world's leading third-party e-commerce marketplaces. We provide our guests with products from popular categories such as electronics, household appliances, & sporting goods.


Earn more revenue: You can diversify your revenue sources as a 3rd-party seller on Target's custom e-commerce platform. So if an issue arises with your store, there is a reliable source of profit that you can count on.

Established Brands: As an established brand, Target is a set, recognizable business with loyal customers. Vending on this popular platform will make it smooth to attract consumers.

Seller Benefits: Target Plus has a tailored storefront & in-store return processing for sellers.

Contrary to other platforms, TargetPlus is kind of an invitation-only program. Right now, it does not have any waiting list or application process. Instead, the company has a meticulous selection of who can participate in the online platform.

If you’re an existing seller on this dedicated platform, use the experience of your e-commerce marketing firm and optimize your shop.


WordPress is very popular for creating the perfect CMS for all websites and e-commerce. As per Envisage Digital report, more than 455 million WordPress sites worldwide, 28% of e-commerce companies.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Support: Many people think WordPress is the best e-commerce marketplace for SEO. This lets users include meta tags on posts, titles, and images. Additionally, some free extensions & plugins increase the SEO potential of your website.

Responsiveness: The themes of WordPress are responsive and optimize your website's performance on various devices.

Your site is the main for your brand’s online presence – Omni-channel online platform marketing activities begin with your website. Because of the mentioned reason, you need to select a set CMS to develop your shop.

Whether you are looking for a B2B or B2C online marketplace, WordPress is compliant enough to meet your demands, whatever your requirements. Leverage the best e-commerce marketplace for your site’s SEO and join hands with a dedicated e-commerce marketing agency.


It is a platform that allows small businesses and individual sellers to sell a variety of products and services around the world. eBay members have a feedback score based on users' trading experience. The extra feedback sellers have, the more reliable they look as community members.


Second-hand sales: New and second-hand products can be merchandised through eBay, making it the perfect e-commerce platform for small businesses.

Auction: You can achieve a higher cost for your products thanks to the auction feature.

If you don't know where to vend your item, eBay is the way. With a vast market of 183 million users, eBay has been among the famous online selling platforms. In addition, as per Statista, this platform’s customer satisfaction is 79%.


It is a great place to vend vintage items and handmade products online. This is where clients try to reach when they are unable to locate what they are looking for elsewhere. Etsy was started in 2005 to engage the creators with clients searching for personalized and collectible products.


Easy shop setup: Even an inexperienced seller can design a shop in minutes.

Low List Fee: Approx.$0.20 will be incurred for each product listed on the site.

It is the premier e-commerce platform for medium and small business owners offering niche items such as crafts and arts.


Hardly any online selling marketplace is designed similarly, so selecting the platform that works best for your products is crucial. But it does not matter which you choose; the right digital marketing strategy will be the perfect addition for maximizing the revenue from your new business.

Whether you are searching for a fruitful platform or the perfect CMS for your e-commerce business, the Webleads will assist you in getting started. The Webleads is a digital marketing firm that has helped companies build a robust and profitable online presence with our customized e-commerce solutions. Call our number or fill in the form to receive a free quote from our experienced representative.

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