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In today’s digital world, from MSMEs to big franchises, all are available online. Because of that, you can quickly figure out advertising strategies and increase conversion paths for your brand. More marketing opportunities, however, come with more significant challenges.

Despite having the advertising technologies and online marketing channels, few brands can go unnoticed or are left untapped by their potential market. Consecutively, participants in the market are fighting uphill with their online marketing efforts, hardly making any progress.

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The following are the significant obstacles that internet businesses face:

  • Increased competition
  • Surge in ad blockers
  • Strict industry regulations
  • Changing customer demands
  • High digital ad spending
  • Varying market standards
  • Elusive consumers

For many brands, even social media advertising has graced a critical challenge. Previously, these platforms allowed brands to access millions of potential customers for free worldwide. However, social media behemoths have begun implementing ad laws requiring advertisers to pay more to get their content before their target customers. Unfortunately, not all marketers can support and launch social media campaigns.

Besides social media marketing and web development, one of the most critical aspects of maximizing brand exposure is search engine optimization (SEO). However, the problems with Search Engine Optimization and other eCommerce marketing strategies require effort, time, and relatively significant capital venture before you have results.

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising is a good marketing tool if you wish to have a quick campaign boost and an instant ROI (return on investment). In addition, you can control your paid search marketing services with targeted PPC marketing services and achieve positive business outcomes.

PPC Versus SEO: Which One is Better?

Understanding your potential demographics and monitoring their activities online are very important; whether organic, PPC, or a mix of these eCommerce marketing tactics is the perfect approach for the brand.



SEO is a powerful tool for increasing organic traffic, raising brand exposure, establishing online credibility, and gaining client confidence. But on the other hand, many SEO agencies will tell you that it takes at least four to six months to see benefits from your SEO effort. For example, according to a study, just 5.7 percent of websites score in the top 10 organic search outcomes for one term within a year after publication. Furthermore, even the best-performing web pages took two to six months to reach the top ten.

SEO takes time to develop. As a result, many marketers who rely primarily on organic search fail to meet their marketing objectives within their set timeframe. If you're looking for an online marketing strategy that provides Pay per click marketing is the way to go if you wish to have an internet marketing strategy that gives you total control and flexibility and guarantees rapid results.



The pay-per-click ads are the most excellent and cost-effective marketing strategies. PPC advertising ensures businesses control their ad expenditure and enable their brand offers at the right place and time before the appropriate consumers.

Pay-per-click advertising enables you with laser-targeted discovery to shorten the customer's purchasing path and boost your brand’s conversion rate optimization.

In a perfect environment, merging PPC and SEO advertising tactics provides the best outcomes for generating focused results. Integrated SEO and PPC strategies provide the best results.

Integrated PPC strategies and SEO provide optimum exposure, create appropriate visitors, and offer long-term rewards. However, suppose you only have a little time to advertise your brand's services and create an effect in your specialized market. In that case, pay-per-click online marketing can be the ideal alternative for you.


What is a PPC?

Pay per click is a paid seek version used to increase brand presence, promote products and benefit from instant attraction from target market segments. With PPC, advertisers most effectively pay every time a person clicks at the PPC commercials - that’s why it is called pay per click.

People usually think about Google PPC while listening to or speaking about PPC. But PPC is going past the Google search engine result pages (SERPs) and the Google Display Network. Social media sites, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, also function on the PPC model.

What are the Various Types of PPC Ads?

Now that you have learned about PPC, the next step will be to know about the various PPC ads that will help you increase your brand's online presence and awareness among the potential audience.

The different types of PPC ads are given below:

Digital Strategy
Search Ads

Search Ads are the commonly used type of paid search marketing tool. These ads probably appear to those thrifty buyers searching for your brand online. It is best for one-time ads or short-term sales.

Digital Strategy
Display Ads

Display advertising is more effective as it can reach more than 90% of online users. These ads mostly appear on the partner websites of google, mainly targeting the audience who visited the related sites.

Digital Strategy
Social Ads

Social Advertising is the rapidly growing segment of PPC advertising services. These ads appear on social media platforms, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Digital Strategy
Google Shopping Ads

Google shopping advertising is best for those websites that have voluminous products. These ads appear beside or above the google search results in a carousel form.

Digital Strategy
In-stream Ads

In-stream advertising is such as YouTube ads. These ads are placed between the best slots and natural breaks while video streaming.

Digital Strategy
Local Services Ads

Local services ads functions on a pay-per-lead model. You do not need to pay for the clicks that do not convert into leads.

Digital Strategy
Amazon PPC Ads

Amazon PPC ads are among the popular advertising services online. It allows sellers to drive store visits, increase their brand awareness, and boost sales by sponsoring the ads focusing on the key locations.

What are the Benefits of Using the PPC Marketing?

PPC is an advertising tool that is also a powerful marketing strategy to maximize your conversions & increase your ROI. The excellent result-oriented PPC services are suitable for finding opportunities that connect your product with potential customers and enhance your profitability.

  • Fewer barriers to enter
  • Improvised brand presence/visibility
  • Behavioral Targeting
  • Fast Results
  • Quick Experimentation
  • Campaign Promotions
  • Consistent and Immediate
  • Big Traction Channels
  • Trackable Data
  • Total Customization

PPC Marketing Services

Keyword Research & Strategy

First, know your potential customers and what they are looking for, then reach the untapped market segments. At “TheWebLeads”, we use keyword tracking tools like Google Keyword Planner. These tools help in having niche keywords high-quality search terms.

Landing Page Conversion Optimization
Landing Page Conversion Optimization

Maximize your sales by creating landing pages that will match the search intent of your target customers. Our team will facilitate a separate landing page for each ad group. We frame concise and digestible content for your desktop and hand-held device. In addition, we have a customized way of optimizing your landing page.

PPC Management
PPC Management

If you strategize your eCommerce well, you will always have a competitive edge without paying extra. Become a partner with “TheWebLeads”, and we will help you achieve your goals. We will be assisting you through the search of broad and narrow keywords or bidding on highly searched keywords.

Paid Search Advertising
Paid Search Advertising

Always be ahead of the race by using our cutting-edge marketing strategies. For example, we will optimize account structure, monitor your PPC budget, and create ad copies to highlight your USPs (Unique Selling Points). As a result, it is easier to tap the untapped segment of the market and drive it to your site effectively.

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization

We merge eCommerce PPC activities with search engine optimization. We will assist you in getting high search results both organically and paid through this. In addition, we perform competition and audience analyses to stay abeam of the Google updates and trends. As a result, we will discover high time for a potential keyword to get maximum results.

Remarketing Campaigns
Remarketing Campaigns

Build up your digital marketing campaign and expand business across all online mediums. We will step up your cart campaigns, establish regular customer engagement, and drive customer traffic toward your website‘s product review pages.

Bing and Google Ads Management
Bing and Google Ads Management

You can easily engage with the potential targets on the search engines to drive more quality traffic & boost revenue. In addition, our experts will conduct detailed audits to make sure that your brand will untapped and potential market segment.

Ads A/B Split Testing
Ads A/B Split Testing

We will help you find out those keywords that deliver higher ROI for your online brand or store. Our team will generate metrics for split testing and offer many landing pages. In addition, we will notify you which advertisement is converting or turning more leads into sales.

YouTube Ads
YouTube Ads

We will help you create more YouTube ads to connect with your potential customers through the YouTube content marketing approach. We will make YouTube ads for your brand that will directly resonate or connect with the audience in a storytelling way.

Social Media Advertising
Social Media Advertising

Multiply your social media drive and have more followers through our social media advertising. Our PPC advertising experts give reviews and create live targeted ads. Leverage from our social media videos, live features, and matter.

Conversion Rate Optimization
Conversion Rate Optimization

At TheWebLeads, with conversion rate optimization (CRO) activities, we try to optimize your ads' click-through rate (CTR). In addition, we launch Adwords campaigns to attract your existing customers and capture the new ones to optimize your ad copies and landing pages.

Why “TheWebLeads” is the Best In The Industry?

We offer 24/7 services, faster delivery, and straightforward policies. That is why companies now prefer digital marketing over traditional marketing. Let us assist you in maximizing your brands’ search visibility and segment or place your products/services among the potential untapped market areas through our PPC marketing Services. In addition to above mention services, we also provide:

  • Back-end marketing viewpoint
  • Transparent reports
  • Conversion tracking tools and software
  • Customized eCommerce marketing strategies
  • Google-certified and Technical Proficiency experts and professionals

Want to boost your brand's sales? Focus on your brand's core, and let us run your PPC marketing campaigns smoothly. For that, get register for our internet marketing services and attain your brand's goals.

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