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It is seen that it takes 0.05 seconds to grab the audience's attention and shape their opinion. So, one must create a unique experience for the people who visit your page and strengthen your brand reputation. The most reliable agency for this is Web Leads custom web design services.

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What is the need for custom website design in your business?

Your website works as the backbone of your business. Furthermore, it plays an essential role in supporting your company's digital marketing efforts and works as the primary customer touchpoint. Therefore, your business must have a responsive and custom e-commerce website design. This will allow the online users to know about your brand offerings in the perfect way.

As per the reports, it is seen that 88% of the consumers in the USA perform online research before going to a local store. The absence of professional custom website design can make online shoppers frustrated. So, this will ultimately increase the bounce rate, low conversion rate, and poor online reputation.


None of you would want this to be the case for your business. So, it is essential to ensure that your target customers can easily search and navigate through your website. The best way to ensure this is by investing in an informative and perfectly designed website. Once you do so, you will notice an increase in the profit of your business.

Website templates VS custom fit web design- which is more suitable for your business?


Your business website is one of the most powerful platforms for communication. Furthermore, it allows you to market your brand 24*7 and connect with the clients located at various locations. However, do not forget it is not essential that all the sites will guarantee you the desired return on investment.

So, this is one of the primary reasons for choosing between a website template and a custom website design.

A website template is an already made web design. This allows the developers to put the content into the sophisticated framework built through CSS or HTML. Furthermore, an individual can edit limited features like font images or colors. Apart from it, you get what you see. Though this is how one can save money and time, there are its cons. Things that one cannot perform through this one are making the changes according to their choice that brings uniqueness and even lack of flexibility.

On the contrary, a custom design website enables one to establish and express their brand through the tailored page elements which work according to your goals and objectives. Furthermore, custom web design costs are higher than the website templates. Moreover, one cannot ignore the benefits that come with this amount. The custom WordPress web design is not just more engine friendly, but it enables one to do things uniquely. Also, it is customer-centric too.

Once you choose the custom website design packages, you become eligible to build a website according to your customer journey and brand messaging.

Why rely on custom website design and development-

The custom WordPress website design will allow you to stand out in the crowd in a market full of competition. Furthermore, a custom eCommerce web design will allow you to avoid unnecessary functionalities that reduce your load time. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the theme in this case. So, one can work on personalizing the experience and functionality too.

Furthermore, with the availability of brand strengthening design, robust site architecture, custom design pricing, and SEO-friendly elements, one can consider their investment worth it. Let us go through some statics to find out about these things in a much better way. Once you go through the statics, you will decide with much more ease.

  • 40% of the online users: do not use a website that has a three-second delay in the page load time
  • 90% of the online shoppers: rely on a brand that provides them with the optimal or positive user experience
  • 94% of the first impressions: are associated with the appearance and navigation of the website
  • 48% of the customers consider: the website design as the most prominent deciding factor in determining the credibility of any particular business

All the individuals who rely on the custom design website can get a trustworthy digital experience. Furthermore, this allows them to meet their business needs, usability branding, and quality. By joining hands with us, you will get a professional custom website design that will help you extend your brand's reach.

Get unique custom web design solutions.

By joining hands with Web Leads, one gains control of their brand identity and gets increased sales via their customers. Not to forget, our company performs audience assessment, in-depth site analysis, and business reviews that will let us know all about the conversion opportunities of your website.

Furthermore, we identify your goals and plan a strategy accordingly. With the help of our custom website design services, we have helped an endless number of clients.

Services included in the custom website design

Website Design Services
WordPress experts

Firstly, it is essential to know that you need to work on our website to satisfy its needs. This means it is not good to have a generic website that goes with everything else in the online realm. So, to ensure this thing, we have a team of WordPress specialists. Our WordPress website design specialist not just relies on pre-made themes but also provides you with a unique and elegant site that explains your distinct branding.

Website Design Services
Website Analysis

Secondly, we go ahead to collect and analyze your website data. This ensures the result-driven custom E-commerce website design and further increases your organic traffic. Our team of experts do various analysis, evaluates the accuracy of your page content, and go through the technical implementation of your website in multiple browsers. Furthermore, develop the website's design in a way that theaters the customers of your choice.

Website Design Services
Logo Design

When you join hands with us, we make sure to provide you with a unique brand identity. This becomes possible because we provide you with a personalized logo on your website. The team of Web Leads creates three logo concepts that depend on your needs and requirements. Furthermore, one can choose the one they find best for their brand image. Moreover, we also offer services that allow one to redesign your logo.

Website Design Services
Content writing

According to a study, a revelation was made, around 59% of the customers engage with adequately structured web content in comparison to boring web pages. Furthermore, our team of content writers creates SEO optimize blog posts and web copies that attract visitors to read and share your content.

Website Design Services
eCommerce Web Design

Provide your customers with a better shopping experience with the custom eCommerce web design. We work on simplifying your navigation, publishing higher resolution images, writing attractive descriptions, and highlighting your USP, i.e., unique selling points. Furthermore, our custom website design cost is finalized according to specific needs and budgets.

Website Design Services
Website Hosting

Increase your digital marketing opportunities by relying on a custom website design package made according to your demands. Furthermore, do not forget our web hosting services provide you with high uptime and readability, improvement in SEO, online performance, and your site's security. Moreover, we go ahead to provide you with reliable customer support, free malware removal, and affordable custom website design cost.

Website Design Services
ADA Compliant Web Design

We ensure to create a website accessible to people with specific disabilities or impairments. In addition, our team of experts makes sure to balance the constant ratio and consistent navigation and feedback errors in the form field.

Website Design Services
Video production

The quality of the videos matters a lot. This is because good quality videos keep your audience interested no matter what service or product you provide. So, it is essential to attract and engage more visitors to your custom design website via are they video content. The video content delivers your message not just in a better way but even quickly. Furthermore, our website design services include curation of interview questions, drone photography, and videography. In addition to this, we provide scriptwriting for voiceover and visuals.

Website Design Services
Content Management System (CMS) Integration

Adding CMS, i.e., a content management system to your custom set web design to streamline your website's content development and translation process. We make sure to keep your content flexible and create custom E-commerce web design by relying on reusable components and patterns.

Website Design Services
Responsive Web Design

As per research conducted, it was said that the websites that load slowly result in the loss of about dollars 2.6 billion every year. Therefore, it is essential to make sure that your website adapts to all the devices and screen sizes. This is because it will increase customer retention. Furthermore, we use scalable vector graphics, put up responsive images, and increase the device's features to increase sales.

Website Design Services
Maintenance of the website

Our trained team handles all-day site updates and maintenance. Furthermore, the team makes sure to perform testing and site backups, work on any broken link, keep an eye on the security updates, remove all the unnecessary form fields and complete the test purchases. Moreover, we provide fast and reliable Technical Support that helps to keep your site away from cyber-attacks.

Website Design Services
Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

Go ahead to increase your conversions and leads by relying on TheWebLeads custom website design packages. Our team comprises custom web design and development professionals. These people work on driving high-quality traffic to your website. Furthermore, we optimize your images, compel the content, and implement and carry out CTAs, i.e., call to action.

About the custom WordPress website design procedure

TheWebLeads has developed A web design process that enables developing websites that provide positive results. Please go through the information given below and find out all these stages included in our custom web design and development process.

Kick Off

Our project manager will know all about your marketing goals, demands, needs, and target customers in our beginning consultation. Furthermore, we set the expectations, provide answers, and explain the different stages of custom website design creation. Moreover, we will also provide you with the initial custom web design cost.


The next step includes all about strategy development. In this phase, our team analyzes all the data from the first phase, kickoff. Furthermore, we create a proposal, develop site mockups and further meet your project manager for getting the approval. Also, we aim to come up with a comprehensive action plan for the next stage, i.e., the development stage.


The third stage, I.e., the development phase, covers on-site SEO and content optimization. We ensure that everything associated with your website, like the overdesign, side elements, color scheme, show your branding. Once we are done with both front-end and back-end development, we set a meeting with you once again. Furthermore, this meet-up is set to discuss the final site review and revision.


Lastly, we transfer your website from the local server to the live server. To ensure that you have a clear grasp of the needs, we even provide you with client training. Furthermore, here we teach you how to manage the site's back end. Moreover, the custom website design company offers you on-site management and SEO. This will ensure that you provide your focus even to the internal processes.

Most reliable and award-winning custom web design company

In today's time, one of the biggest problems in online marketing is that small business owners do not understand the value of having a custom design website. Furthermore, some business owners even do not understand the benefits of investing in a website. This happens because of the cost of custom website design. Therefore, it is essential to know that one should not make the same mistake.

Go ahead to choose the right custom website design and development by joining hands with us and enjoy the following advantage-

  • Affordable custom web design cost
  • Results-driven websites
  • Team of trained and experienced web design experts
  • Content experts perfect and integrated digital marketing solutions
  • All reliable custom web solutions for franchisee multiple location businesses and enterprise

In today's Internet-centric world, it is seen that most of the band interactions and purchasing activities take place online. So, it is pretty obvious that if your website does not stand out from the competition, you will lose your potential customers. Furthermore, there will be a massive impact on the profitable long-term growth and even on the business partners. All of these things are put to risk. So, join hands with us and know about maintaining the relationship with your present clients.

Make The Perfect First Impression

Create the Best Possible User Experience and Increase Customer Trust


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