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Advertising is an integral part of the marketing process; it’s the process of making your potential customers aware & interested in your product. However, in the age of digital marketing, online marketplaces provide the most significant ROI.

Thus, many tools are available to sellers that help them simplify this process. Today we will talk about one such tool: Amazon DSP Advertising. However, to get the maximum out of your DSP campaigns, it’s best to hire experts that manage your Demand Side Platform Advertising.

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What is a Demand Side Platform (DSP)?

The Demand Side Platform companies create online ad spaces on various websites. In turn, these spaces are rented out by manufacturers to run ads & promote their products.

A DSP (Demand Side Platform) is an online tool used to automate the purchase of these ad spaces, depending on various factors. Although it sounds simple, but DSPs are one of the best tools to increase the ROI of your product in the online marketplace.

Amazon DSP Advertising Management

What Is Display Advertising?

It is a way of promoting your product through advertising on online ad spaces, also known as Ad Inventory. These advertisements are available in all forms, whether pictorial, texts, video, etc.

There are 4-major types of display advertisements that can be used:

  • Remarketing Ads- These types of ads are aimed at incentivizing repeat customers by offering discounts & offers personalized according to their needs.
  • Personalized Ads- These ads are customized based on previous user experience & interests. Personalized ads target specific user basis, based on several demographic factors
  • Contextually Targeted Ads- As opposed to Personalized Ads, this type of advertising is based on websites on the basis of criteria like,
  • Site Placed Ads- In this type of advertising, you place your advertisement on a particular website based on various criteria. Instead of a widespread campaign, your advertisements are limited to a single website that’s most relevant to your product.
    • Advertisement Keyword
    • Audience Location & Language
    • Browsing Habits of Visitors

Amazon Demand Side Platform Advertising

This is a DSP owned by Amazon that allows companies to advertise their products on the Amazon websites & its subsidiaries. With the Amazon DSP Advertising service, you can buy ad inventories programmatically.

Although the Amazon DSP allows the option for self-service, but it is recommended to hire professionals experienced in using DSPs for your advertising campaign. The Amazon DSP cost, on average, is around $42K. Thus, to ensure the maximum return on your investment, your best bet is to hire us.

Help us, help you.

Demand Side Platform Advertising

What are the Benefits of Amazon DSP?


User Data-Oriented

Amazon stores a vast amount of user data related to buying habits, preferences, etc. In addition to that, it also collects data from various other platforms. However, only Amazon DSP users have access to this data. Thus, giving them an edge by allowing them to prepare more accurately targeted strategies using the customer behavior data, related products & customer interests.


Amazon Subsidiaries Data

In addition to the Amazon buyer data, it also collects data from its subsidiaries & a vast spectrum of other websites. Allowing DSP users to gather audiences from outside the scope of regular amazon users.

For example, Amazon DSP will collect data on the view habits & preferences of an Amazon Prime viewer & using that to design campaigns for products related to the interest of the viewers.


Lookalike Users

Also, Amazon DSP collects your customer data & then compares it to Amazon’s Display Advertising data. Once the analysis is complete, the DSP identifies a list of a “Lookalike Audience.” That is to say, these are the buyers that have similar interests, buying habits, etc., to your already existing buyers.


DSP Analytical Data

Lastly, one of the most significant advantages of the Amazon DSP is that it collects all the data from every one of your DSP campaigns. Thus, allowing you more profound insights into the customers’ journey through your marketing funnel.

TheWebLeads Amazon DSP Advertising Services

Amazon Seller Consulting
Developing Strategy

Like all marketing campaigns, DSP advertising begins with making a sound strategy. Luckily, our team of experts is experienced in creating a targeted strategy for your campaign designed to meet your organizational goals.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Amazon DSP Management

There are many things that go into a promotion/brand campaign, like:

  • Price Setting
  • Selecting Target Audience
  • Bidding, etc

And even though Amazon DPS is an automated tool, it cannot accomplish every step of the way on its own. Like any smart tool, it just needs a human touch. And that is where we come in; our team manages your advertisement platform to ensure you get the maximum ROI on your Amazon DSP.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Superior Customized DSP Ads

In short, the job of a DSP is to bring your promotional ads to the right users. However, that’s one part of the equation; like any wonderful thing, just being at the right place is not enough. That is to say, the content & design of your advertisement is just as crucial in securing a customer.

Now, on the one hand, Amazon offers a variety of ad templates to you to design your advertisement. But on the other hand, our team will create a custom advertisement designed to allure & grasp your target audience specifically.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Audience Data Analysis

Data analysis is an integral part of the marketing process, and so the accuracy & quality of that data matters a great deal. Therefore, it’s better to know what the users are buying from an ROI perspective than just knowing what piques their interest.

Our team uses the Amazon DSP to analyze the Amazon sales data to create retargeting campaigns & pinpoint the customers that are most likely to buy your products.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Sustained DSP Optimization

Now creating a strategy & launching the campaign is integral. However, just as important is the analysis of all your current campaigns. Our team will continuously monitor your campaign analytics to determine where to pool your resources for maximum returns.

Some Other Amazon Services Offered by TheWebLeads

Amazon Seller Consulting
Amazon Marketing Services

Our teams use both organic & paid marketing techniques to ensure your standing in the Amazon Marketplace. By increasing your products’ visibility & sales through promotions & advertisement.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Amazon SEO

Our SEO teams conduct conclusive keyword research to make your product listing more SEO-friendly. In addition to that, we also improve your standing by enhancing the quality of your reviews, thus, improving your discoverability.

Amazon Seller Consulting
PPC Advertising

Once you hire us, all you need to do is define your goal to us. Then, from there on out, our team will decide the best advertising solution for your product & target audience. For instance, our team will start your campaign with an Amazon PPC Display Ad. Then create a visually appealing banner or video ad bound to attract users.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Storefront Optimization

Being part of the crowd is seldom a good idea, especially when being creative. So our team uses the Amazon A+ Content to give an interactive & immersive description of your product listing in the forms of images, videos, etc.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Marketing Consultation

The market is dynamic; what’s appealing & necessary today will probably be undesirable & useless the next month. However, you’ll stay ahead of the curve with our Marketing Consultation Services.

Our team performs a regular evaluation of your performance metrics & analyzes that with your competitors’ performance. Therefore, allowing us to suggest minor changes in your design and strategy to improve your performance.

Why Chose Us?

Amazon Seller Consulting
DSP Customization to Your Needs

Although DSP is an immensely effective tool for advertising, it’s only as good as the experience & knowledge of the person using it. That’s why our team of experts experienced in Amazon DSP deploy customized strategies to achieve your goal most effectively.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Keep Up-To-Date with the Latest

Trends come & go in a blink of an eye. The hot topic for today is just as quickly forgotten tomorrow. Therefore, our team stays familiar with Amazon’s latest trends & updates. Thus, devising & optimizing strategies based on the latest quality information available.

Amazon Seller Consulting
Personal Manager

We assign you a personal manager dedicated to looking after your campaign & keeping you up-to-date on the latest performance metrics & strategy decisions.

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